Super Bowl babies recreate classic Seal tune

8 February 2016

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The NFL has assembled groups of Super Bowl babies to recreate a Seal classic about the showpiece event.

The NFL has assembled groups Super Bowl babies from different finals to recreate classic Seal love ballad Kiss From a Rose.

The lyrics have been completely re-written about the Super Bowl and features scores of Super Bowl babies dressed in choir costumes representing their favourite NFL teams. The lyrics are quite amusing and the part with 2014 Super Bowl babies amusing.

In case you are wondering, a Super Bowl baby is conceived nine months after a final because, we are led to believe, watching NFL's showstopper gets you in the mood.

Or as the Super babies sing: 'Super is why we were born... mum and dad looked at each other and one thing led to another'.

The fun spot is trending well on social, and it's not hard to see why.


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