Streets parodies Hillsong and 50 Shades of Grey

9 January 2017

Advertiser: Unilever
Creative Agency: DDB Sydney
Media Agency: PHD Network

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In a dozen social videos, Streets Icecream is parodying everyone from the Backstreet Boys to video gamers.

Streets Icecream has come out swinging with a content series that brings the heat on Hillsong, 50 Shades of Grey and more.

The series features a newsreader Cornetto, who reads the news story of the day. With a slew of content rolled out on YouTube, the viewers are matched with a clip that relates to the search terms used, channel viewership and the topical news of the day.

The campaign, from Unilever, allows 50 different user groups to be targeted through a partnership with Google, PHD and DDB.

Anneliese Douglass, Unilever, head of media and PR ANZ, says: “At Unilever we aim to trial new ways to communicate and be relevant to our consumers in an efficient way. Customised video via Google's Vogon offering is a fresh opportunity for us to showcase Streets brand in a relevant way”.

With this campaign, viewers of political news on YouTube may hear Cornetto’s view on global warming while subscribers to might be updated on Golden Gaytime’s unfortunate injury in a recent test match.

Other targets include hip hop fans, film buffs, fitness enthusiasts and even those seeking DIY advice.

The activity forms part of a second year roll-out of the ice cream brand’s Goodbye Serious strategy in Australia, which aims to give consumers a break from the serious side of life through a light-hearted and cheeky tone of voice.

Kathryn Furnari, group business director PHD says: “Video consumption is accelerating; having this level of customization when talking to consumers is extremely exciting. It is great to be working with a client that enjoys innovation as much as we do.”.

Ben Welsh, chief creative officer, DDB adds: “The key to this idea lies in making the humour contextual. Vogon gave us a unique stage for our ice cream heroes to be extra spontaneous and in turn, hyper-relevant.”


Client: Unilever
Marketing Director: Anthony Toovey
Senior Brand Manager: Scott Mingl

Media Agency: PHD Sydney
Campaign Planning Lead: Ben Lynch, Planning Manager
Account/Planning Team: Alex Pacey, Head of Planning, Kathryn Furnari, Group Account Director, Elyse Foley, Business Director
Trading Team: Bill Luu, Group Trading Director, Jamie Nelson, Trading Director, Lisa Huynh, Trading Manager

Creative Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Welsh
Creative Partner: Ant Melder
Lead Creative Team: Anna Paine, Owen Bryson
Planning Partner: Graham Sweet
Business Management: Kate Sheppard, Topher Jones, Caity Cowper
Production: Bella Harris (audio), Brett Gurney (animation)
Sound Design: Danny Griffoni

Animation Company: Wicked Pixels

Media Partner: Google
Creative Agency Lead: Ross Jauncey
Agency Team: Emma Dunlop, Marion Briand, Rich Hall

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