Speaking for Neale Daniher with FightMND via Clemenger BBDO

13 May 2022

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO

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A story about incredible efforts in the face of extraordinary adversity.

Australian rules player Neale Daniher has always been the voice of FightMND since he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2013.

But as the gradually takes his voice away, the charity needs people to step up and lead his fight.

A campaign, created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, has launched with ambassadors delivering Neale’s speech for him, in his own words, calling all Australians to join the fight.

“As MND takes away Neale's ability to the be the voice of this fight, it's time to come together, play on and lead this fight, with actions, not words,” said FightMND CEO Dr Fiona McIntosh.

“The work from Clemenger BBDO serves as an emotive call-to-arms for all Australians. When you buy a beanie, you’re helping give hope to people with MND – hope that one day, there will be effective treatments or a cure for this devastating disease.”

In addition to the long-form content, a range of assets were created including an outdoor campaign and digital assets, leveraging ambassadors, including:  Max Gawn, Taylor Adams, Hamish McLachlan, Dilruk Jayasinha, Geva Mentor, Abby Holmes, Kevin Sheedy.

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Group CEO Jim Gall: “Neale Daniher’s story and incredible efforts in the face of extraordinary adversity should be a source of inspiration to us all.

"It is a huge honour to be able to support Neale and the FightMND organisation as it continues its incredibly important work in the fight against a horrible disease.”

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