Social of impact of ice explored in new campaign

9 June 2015

Creative Agency: 303Lowe (NSW)

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A new campaign for NSW Police aims to hit at the social impact of ice, in order to help tackle the worsening problem of drug abuse.

The campaign, by 303Lowe, encourages individuals to help police stop the spread of crystal meth, or ice, by getting them to report drug-related activity when they see.

303Lowe executive creative director Richard Morgan said it is based on the insight that many people are quietly aware of manufacture and dealing of drugs in their communities but don't report it.

“The campaign is driven by the insight that the best people to have information about drug dealing and manufacturing are the people who already know someone,” Morgan said.

“Whether it's a friend, a neighbour, a guy at the pub, someone who has started somehow mixing in their social circles, or even a friend whose addiction has turned into dealing. These are the people on the front-line within the community who can help the police and save lives.”

NSWPF drug squad commander detective superintendent Tony Cooke said: The ice problem is a real issue to us, not only for policing but also for the community more broadly.”

“We cannot do our job without information – that's why this campaign is so important to use.”

The campaign will run a cross digital, social media, out of home and press.

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