Sisterhood the essence of Pandora's new campaign

8 October 2015

Advertiser: Pandora
Creative Agency: Ikon Communications - Sydney

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Jewellery brand Pandora has teamed up with Ikon to celebrate female friendship.

The latest spot by Ikon Communications for jewellery brand Pandora uses the unbreakable – and incomparable – bond of female friendship to promote its new Essence range.

The two minute ad was created around the idea that describing positive qualities in others is often much easier than describing them in yourself.

27-year-old of Freyja Hanstein stars in the ad, describing the richness of her friendships despite geographical separation.

An Ikon spokesperson said: “We brought to life a compelling real life story that celebrated friendship and special bonds, encouraging potential gifters to remind their friends of the values they admire in them.”

Last month Pandora launched its online store in Australia, as part of an effort to make the company "omnichannel". 

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