Silver Lining launches The Do Nothing Challenge

23 September 2021

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Tap into tools including videos of waves on a beach, paint drying and grass growing.

Not-for-profit, for-purpose agency Silver Lining has launched the ‘Do Nothing to Do Something for Mental Health’ fundraising challenge for mental health charity partners Smiling Mind, ReachOut and Orygen.

Silver Lining creative director Alex Wadelton says the challenge focuses on slowing down.

“There are so many amazing fundraisers for charities that encourage you to do more push-ups, feel the burn with squats, run farther, cycle longer, and so on. But there isn’t one that focuses on slowing down. So, we decided to make one of our own,” Wadelton says.

“Of course we don’t mean to do literally nothing, as meditation is actually active. But having time out on your terms is so important, especially whilst in and out of lockdowns.”

The agency was concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on people’s mental health.

The thirty minutes of “doing nothing” is flexible – options for participants include simply sitting still and breathing, meditating with the Smiling Mind app, practicing gratitude, embracing mindfulness, watching the leaves sway on a tree. They can do thirty minutes in one go, or break it up throughout the day.

The challenge includes a suite of tools ranging from videos of waves on a beach, paint drying, grass growing, White Noise Music playlists and On Hold muzak. It’s encouraged for the workplace, with special Out-of-Office messages and can be done alone or in a team.

The aim is to collectively achieve five million Do Nothing minutes, one minute for every Australian who will suffer a mental or behavioural condition this year.

Silver Lining Managing Director Jonny Clow says the agency wants to champion the charities that can provide the right tools and support for mental health.

“Having time-off to yourself with no distractions has great health benefits, such as sleeping better, having more energy and managing stress. So you're not only helping others, you're helping yourself,” Clow says.

The Do Nothing Challenge:
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