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23 July 2015

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Good pet dental hygiene will lead you to kiss your dog on the mouth. Yes - on. the. mouth.

A new humorous campaign for Prozym Dental Sticks shows dog owners how their much-loved pet can become ‘kissably clean’ with good doggy dental hygiene. 

Yes, this campaign shows dog owners kissing and being licked on the face by their pets. Normally we'd say this is completely unacceptable viewing, but Prozym assures us the dog's have clean breath. The tagline reads ‘Fresh breath. As tested on humans’. 

Affinity was tasked by Ceva Animal Health to launch its Prozym Dental Treatment range in the Australian market (bad dog breath can be an indication of periodontal disease, which affects 80% of dogs over three years old.)

Award-winning photographer Andreas Bommert, who has worked on brands including VW, Optus, Panasonic and Energy Australia, has created three campaign images which will run online and in-store. 

Marcus Tesoriero, creative director at Affinity said: “We all know those dog owners who awkwardly don’t hold back when kissing their dogs, so we wanted to focus on this insight to drive home our benefit of fresh breath. Our client was courageous enough to support our vision and we believe this work will provide a strong platform to launch Prozym in the Australian market.“ 

Amy Chong, brand manager at Ceva Animal Health added: “We are really excited to launch Prozym. So much work has gone on behind the scenes and Affinity have done an amazing job pulling it all together. The agency has developed an insightful new brand positioning which will stand out and create a strong personal connection with dog owners.”  

Agency: Affinity, Sydney
Creative Director: Marcus Tesoriero
Art Director: Charles Grant
Copywriter: Marcus Tesoriero
Head of Design: Mark Clayton
Design: Carlie Smith
Director of Strategy: Angela Smith
Head of Business Management: Cheyne Oxford
Business Manager: Annalise McDonnell
Business Executive: Thomas Smyth
Photographer: Andreas Bommert
Producer: Grant Navin

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