Samsung and MobileMuster join forces for National Recycling Week

25 November 2019

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Video production company Vidico created an integrated campaign in the space of two-weeks to feature in all Samsung stores.

The product stewardship program of the mobile phone industry MobileMuster is running a new campaign with tech-giant Samsung to support National Recycling Week.

MobileMuster joined forces with Samsung and approached video production company, Vidico for the fifth time, to create a fully integrated campaign in the space of two-weeks to feature in all Samsung stores across the nation as part of national recycling week.

“This was an opportunity to engage Samsung customers during the month of November through their retail stores and across their social media channels, the initiative aimed to get more people recycling and helped raise the overall aware- ness of MobileMuster and mobile phone recycling in general," MobileMuster manager Spyro Kalos says.

“Samsung have been a long term member of MobileMuster and the initiative highlighted the partnership, but also created an incentive to get people engaged and to take action by recycling unwanted mobile phones.”

The campaign consisted of a 20-second loopable animations to be played on in-store screens and social channels, as well as print designs and signage for all the in-store recycling units.

“MobileMuster projects are always close to our hearts. Bringing animations to life is already a craft that everyone and Vidico has a passion for, but doing it for a truly positive cause such as this," Vidico co-founder and creative director Evan Pirone says.

"It’s amazing to see them partner with Samsung on this scale."

The campaign directed by Pirone, who has recently led productions for techs Uber and Square, is currently running across Samsung store screens.

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