Rest promotes sustainable investing via BMF

28 October 2021

Creative Agency: BMF

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Ethical super that "won't break the bank".

Profit-to-member superannuation fund Rest has launched a campaign promoting its new sustainable investment option.

The new campaign, starring real members and echidnas, was created with BMF Australia. It builds on the ‘Fair go for all Australians’ campaign launched earlier this year.

It features ads ‘Saving the Planet with Super’ and ‘Mammals and money’ and tells a story of the power of investing ethically. It focuses on the iconic Australian echidna which, like all mammals, faces pressures on its habitat from the impact of climate change. The campaign draws a parallel between the easy and affordable investing of super, and how this can make a positive contribution to the planet.

The Rest team drew on insights into the various key elements of the fund that are valued most by its members when developing the campaign.

Rest group executive, member engagement, Tyrone O’Neill says the option to invest sustainably is important to members.

“Sustainability and responsible investing have become a part of the fabric of Rest and is something that a large proportion of members have told us is important to them,” says O’Neill.

“For others, there is an interest to further understand what sustainable investing is.”

O’Neill says the campaign aims to represent members’ voices “on the importance of sustainable investing to them and to connect with consumers who relate to this message”.

The campaign uses simple messages and visuals.

“We used the faces and voices of Rest members and a national animal such as the echidna to represent the scalable impact that ethical investing could have on the planet,” says O’Neill.

Rest also highlighted the affordability of the sustainable investment option.

“At Rest, it’s our mission to help all of our members achieve their personal best retirement outcome, and for some members that looks like achieving their retirement goals while also having their super invested in a sustainable way,” says O’Neill.

“It’s about letting them know that this is an option that they have with us, and it’s one that won’t break the bank.”


Creative Agency: BMF
Chief Creative Officer: Alex Derwin
Creative Director: Lucy Kough
Art Director: Jack Robertson / Janet Tyler
Copywriter: Robert Boddington / Paula Keamy
Head of Art & Design: Lincoln Grice
Designer: Gabriel Mangulabnan
Chief Strategy Officer: Christina Aventi
Group Planning Director: Thomasine Burnap
Executive Director – Digital & Direct Strategy: Irina Hayward
Chief Executive Officer: Stephen McArdle
Group Account Director: Sophie Bogdan
Account Manager: Lauren Mayne
Head of TV: Jenny Lee-Archer
Agency Producer: Emma Friend, Wendy Gillies
Director: Richard Bullock
Production Company: Revolver
Executive Producer: Michael Ritchie / Pip Smart
Producer: Ian Iveson
DOP: Peter Eastgate
Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Phillip Horn
Sound Production: Rumble
Project Manager: Jayde Morgan
Digital Producer: Yolande Francis
Front-end Developer: King Tan
Creative Services Director: Clare Yardley

Project Lead: Georgina Ashley (Senior manager, Brand)
Assisted by:
Chris Pocock (Head of Brand and Content)
Andrew Ford (General Manager, Brand and Marketing)
Josie McElvogue (Marketing Graduate, Brand and Marketing)

Media Buy
Agency: Customedia
Managed by: Richard Warwick, Steve Burt, Abigail Tan

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