RaboDirect exposes "shonky savers"

19 June 2015

Creative Agency: TBWA Sydney

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You know what you've been doing. You've been ripping yourself off. Now, RaboDirect wants you to save yourself... from yourself.

The campaign, by Whybin\TBWA Sydney, takes the the form of a tabloid current affairs program exposing a shonky financial practice: people putting their money in low-interest bearing transactional accounts.

Rabobank Australia and New Zealand GM of marketing Renee Amor said the campaign continues its challenger brand positioning and aims to empower customers to make the most of every dollar.

It is also based on insight from RaboDirect's 2014 Financial Health Barometer research that 40% of Australians regularly keep savings in low-interest transaction accounts.

“We took this insight as an opportunity to motivate these people – the ‘shonky savers’ – to stop conning themselves out of the interest they could be earning if their money was in a high interest savings account,” Amor said.

“The campaign is designed to provoke people not to be their own worst enemies when it comes to their savings, while showing that RaboDirect enables them to be part of their own solution.”

The campaign will launch across the eastern seaboard on 21June and includes television commercials, social media mini film, digital and press advertising. The campaign will also be supported by the relaunch of RaboDirect's website.

Whybin\TBWA Group Sydney executive creative director Wesley Hawes said: “Keeping your savings in a low interest transaction account is bad. But when over 40 per cent of the country is doing it – it’s an outrage. And a scandal can only be tackled in one way: with the full force of tabloid journalism”.

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