Queensland Music Festival gets a brand refresh and launches first TVC

16 April 2021

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The work was created by Bigfish.

Almost thirty years since Queensland Music Festival first emerged and cemented itself as one of Australia’s most iconic festivals, the legacy event has shaken things up a bit.

Now going by the shortened moniker of ‘QMF’ the state-wide festival has unveiled a new look, a new team and a brand new festival concept called the ‘Queensland Music Trails’; a world-first music initiative that blends new music and new experiences in some of Queensland’s most interesting places.

The festival also brought on Brisbane agency Bigfish to give the heritage event a complete refresh and help develop its first TVC spot.

“The Bigfish and QMF teams were equally passionate about creating a campaign that broke the mould of the typical festival or tourism campaign," Bigfish copywriter Scott Eather says.

Far from your stereotypical music festival ambassador, Australian comedian Aaron Gocs was brought on board as the face of the Queensland Music Trails launch TVC.

Most notably known for his work with triple j, his VICE series Gocsy's Australia and his own stand up, Aaron “Gocsy'' Gocs has firmly embedded himself into the consciousness of youth culture in Australia.

Outside of taste-testing Maxibon ice-creams for VICE and creating skits for YouTube, Gocs also spends his time working with musicians, appearing in music videos and opening for bands like Spit Syndicate and Violent Soho.

“QMF partnered with us to work on a campaign that helped position Queensland Music Trails as the kind of event any age group could get out on the road and experience," Eather says.

"We wanted the Queensland Music Trails to have a spokesperson that wasn't your typical, cardboard presenter. Funny without trying to be; relatable and lovable. A typical Queenslander; not a polished actor. Niqui Toldi, one of our designers, suggested Aaron Gocs and we all fell in love. He is who he is. He’s awesome.”

The art direction of the campaign is inspired by the travel boom of the 50s-60s, when cars became more accessible and people were drawn to the idea of the road trip.

“The Queensland Music Trails is a music festival meets road trip," Bigfish art director Niqui Toldi says.

"We had a lot of miles to cover so instead of creating an ad, we developed a series of episodes that follows Gocsy on the Trail that will be delivered via social channels and TV spots."


The illustrations lifted from 1950s and 1960s Queensland travel guides to impart a kitsch and nostalgic tone balanced with typography that feels both modern and reminiscent.

“I loved delving into old (50s-60s) travel magazines for inspiration," Bigfish senior design Dave Byrne says.

"Their use of language is so uniquely Queensland and kitsch with a casual, understated selling about how great Queensland is.

"The line 'Should be pretty good' is inspired by this idea of a humble brag.

"Visually it was a balance of not wanting to be too kitsch and still keeping some modern touches.

"The grand photography helps balance the playful illustrations and the typography, which really drives the brand, is bold and in your face with lots of little travel flourishes to keep things interesting and in theme.

"It's a look we've been developing for over a year now and something we're still really excited by.”


Client - QMF
Project - Queensland Music Trails
Agency - Bigfish
Art Director - Niqui Toldi
Copywriter - Niqui Toldi + Scott Eather
Creative Team - Sheldon Lieberman, Niqui Toldi, Dave Byrne & Scott Eather Director - Tim Potter
Producer - Nicole Ferrier
Camera Team & Lighting - Owen Smith & David Aponas
Colour Grading - Jim Henry
Editor - Jim Henry
Art Department - Pip Comino
Sound Operator - Tristan Atkins
Marketing - Mel Tickle, Matt Langler
Publicity - SGC Group - Mitch Fresta

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