Queensland discovers the importance of ‘making time for you’

15 January 2020

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GrowthOps Brisbane has created a new mental wellbeing campaign for the Queensland Government.

The Queensland Government has launched a new campaign ‘Dear Mind’, created by GrowthOps, to encourage all Queenslanders to proactively improve their own mental wellbeing by undertaking a range of daily wellbeing activities.

Dear Mind was inspired by the idea of writing a ‘note to self’.

"Many of us don’t consider our mental wellbeing until it’s too late," GrowthOps Brisbane creative director Lindsay Thompson says.

"This campaign has been an eye-opening journey to research and reframe how we can all help our everyday mental wellbeing. The lovely surprise was that it’s the very simple, everyday things we all do that can be used as wellbeing exercises.

“Ultimately this campaign is about giving yourself permission to take time out and build resilience for times of stress.

“So, we took elements of the note format – from handwriting through to the salutation – and explored how these could be used to share tips to promote mental wellbeing in a personal and emotive way.”

There are proven benefits to maintaining a positive sense of mental wellbeing, including increased resilience, improved mood and a better ability to cope with stress.

Robert Hoge, head of communications, marketing and consumer insight at Queensland Health says people would be seeing more campaigns like this from the department in the future.

“Wellbeing works,” Hoge says.

“Campaigns like this are an important part of the preventive health toolkit, and we’re increasingly focussing more of our activity on well-planned, insight-driven, behaviour change.”

Jennifer Cassidy, marketing manager at Queensland Health says that psychological issues are becoming one of the most commonly treated issues by Australian GPs.

“The Dear Mind campaign fills a critical, preventative messaging gap by providing tools that every Queenslander can use to build a healthier relationship with their own mind," Cassidy says.

The integrated campaign features a range of above and below the line media, including three television commercials, which direct viewers to a comprehensive online resource, at qld.gov.au/mentalwellbeing.

The TVCs follow three characters as they narrate a letter to their own mind, acknowledging stress and the importance of ‘me time’ while visually showcasing a range of simple mental wellbeing activities.

The handwritten notes emphasise the key points in the journey and were brought to life by GrowthOps’ in-house animation team.

In addition to the emotive video component and information rich website, other channels include a dynamic Spotify campaign with over 200 elements designed to deliver relevant tips at the right moment to achieve Queensland Health’s behaviour change objectives.

Agency – GrowthOps
• Creative Director: Lindsay Thompson
• Senior Copywriter: Jessamy Ross
• Producer: Natalie Mitchell
• Account Director: Dianne Grice
• Account Manager: Dan Paull
• Video Editors: Nic Fornasier & Tom Coade
• Motion Graphics Animator: Benjamin Drake
• Sound Designer: David Gaylard
• Senior Mac Artist: Steve Wallwork

Client – Queensland Health
• Director Marketing & Communications: Jennifer Cassidy
• Marketing Manager: Stephanie Birch
• Campaign Manager: Emillie Hicks

Production Company
• Director: Grant Marshall
• Producer: Bec Dakin

Post-Production: GrowthOps Brisbane

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