Principals rebrands NSW Business Chamber

7 April 2020

Creative Agency: Principals (NSW)

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The branding and design agency has created a new brand identity and tone of voice system.

Branding and design agency Principals has created a new brand identity and tone of voice system for the NSW Business Chamber as well as its growing network of affiliated businesses and regional chamber partners.

“Despite offering an impressive range of support services to businesses for more than a century, NSW Business Chamber wasn’t well recognised by today’s business leaders and entrepreneurs," Principals founder and planning director Wayde Bull says.

"There was a complex array of unrelated brands in the market that failed to scale the profile and influence of the group.”

The solution was to create an identity that unites the NSW Business Chamber, independent regional chamber partners and commercial subsidiaries in one cohesive system across three levels.

The first level is positioned nationally and is identified as Business Australia, an all-new brand that represents a nationwide free-to-join organisation that provides advice, support, products and services to every business in Australia.

The second level applies to a state level with Business NSW becoming the new identity for the NSW Business Chamber, the state’s peak business organisation, which will continue to lobby on behalf of businesses across New South Wales.

The third level speaks to regional communities and their local chambers which will adopt the ‘Business’ title such as Business Byron Bay, Business Coffs Harbour and Business Sydney.

The shift comes at a crucial time for Australian businesses dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

“Our mission is to give business owners and leaders the feeling they are supported through thick and thin, a positioning that is particularly relevant given the incredibly challenging time businesses are experiencing right now," Business Australia chief customer experience officer Richard Spencer says.

"Our new identity system will help us to cut through during the COVID-19 crisis making it easier to demonstrate the array of ways that we can help.”

Bull added: “The new brand system, anchored in common wordmarks, is bold and simple. We’re confident it will help this great organisation and its important work to really stand out, especially in the current climate.”

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