PETA urges Christians to go vegan for Easter

22 March 2016

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PETA has called for Christians to mark Easter by going vegan – for Christ’s sake.

Animal activist group PETA is giving The Catholic Weekly's website food for thought just in time for Easter, with a banner advert on the site’s masthead that shows a young pig on a truck bound for the abattoir.

The ad reads: "Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me? For Christ's Sake, Go Vegan".

PETA aims to ask Christians to have mercy for the meekest among us – the pigs, chicken, cows and other animals who are sent to death in order to feed humans.

PETA Australia campaign coordinator Claire Fryer says: "Today's factory farms are a living hell for pigs and other animals. Easter is about rebirth, so it's the perfect time to go vegan."

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