Palmer’s Cocoa Butter cuts the chaos with first masterbrand work via AnalogFolk

29 January 2021

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The new Find the Formula campaign for the skin and haircare brand is the first major brand push in 15 years.

Palmer’s has launched its first-ever masterbrand marketing campaign in Australia through creative agency AnalogFolk this week, following extensive research and strategic planning.

Research identified that the idea of women suffering from ‘beauty chaos’ was universally felt and understood, with the new campaign a compelling reminder that Palmer’s knows that beauty is far less complicated and expensive than the industry makes it out to be.

Palmer’s proven, natural-based formulas were seen as a credible solution to the confusion and contradictions in beauty messaging, including the all-too-common empty promises in the industry.

The new Find the Formula campaign for the skin and haircare brand is the first major brand push in 15 years, with previous advertising focussed on product-specific messages.

“This is an exciting time for Palmer’s and we expect this new campaign to reignite relevance and interest in Palmer’s with both lapsed and new users," Palmer's Australia marketing manager Hayley Bishop says.

"The core premise at the heart of Palmer’s is simple products that actually work, making affordable, effective beauty care accessible. We’re confident about investing in long-term brand building to ensure continued success, longevity and growth for the Palmer’s brand."

AnalogFolk executive creative director Richard Morgan says the idea of 'beauty chaos' was something that all could relate to.

“Like always, we had a range of creative ideas that went into research," Morgan says.

"Funny thing was, from the outset, the idea of ‘beauty chaos’ just so clearly resonated across every group and demographic we spoke to, that you simply couldn’t argue with it. Not only was the campaign fun to make, it’s refreshingly different for the beauty category.”

The initial burst of the Find the Formula masterbrand campaign will run until April.

Product-based campaigns that ladder into the masterbrand will also run throughout 2021, talking more specifically to functional benefits for a combined brand and product approach.

Client: E.T Browne Australia
Marketing Manager: Hayley Bishop
Digital Manager: Emma Clark
General Manager: David Haskard
Agency: AnalogFolk
ECD: Richard Morgan
Creative Team: Alister McCann, Jenn Aspinwall
Design: Parisa Rezeai-Abyaneh
Senior Designer: Robert Carter
Project Director: Emily Entwisle
Senior Account Director: Zoe McMurdo
Strategy Director: Chris Loukakis
Strategy Partner: Ben Hourahine
Managing Director: Matt Robinson
Production Company: Flint
Director: Andreas Smetana
Producer: Taryn Mueller

Production Company: Flint
Director/DOP: Andreas Smetana
Producer: Taryn Mueller
Production Designer: Ashley Knopke
Editor: Brad Hurt
Storyboards: Scenes by Dean
Post Production: White Chocolate
Colourist: David Mosqueda
Post Producer: Chris Grocott
Sound House: Rumble Studios
Sound & Music EP: Michael Gie
Composer: Adam Moses
Sound Designer: Liam Annert

Media Agency: Speed
Research: Justin Lewis Research
Consumer PR: Polkadot Communications

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