Officeworks tackles small business journeys

17 May 2017

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership

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Small businesses face a unique journey, Officeworks is here to help.

Officeworks has released a 'small business' oriented campaign based on insights that running a small business is a unique journey, made up of many small moments.

From creative agency AJF Partnership, the campaign shows the journey of Australian small businesses and aims to inspire and support them along the way.

It is also supported by the relaunch of a dedicated small business resource, WorkWise, run by Officeworks. The service helps small companies navigate the daily challenges of running a business by offering helpful information, tips and advice.

Officeworks national marketing manager Karl Winther says: “No matter where small businesses are on their journey, through providing the widest range, lowest prices and great service via a compelling every channel offer, Officeworks offers all Australian small businesses the essential tools that help them unlock their version of success.”

“Officeworks hopes to inspire and support Australian small businesses in our own small way to make bigger things happen,” he added.

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