NRMA targets road rage with a crazy cartoon

27 April 2016

Advertiser: NRMA

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Meet the interesting individuals of Road Ragers Anonymous.

The NRMA has launched a very different campaign using animation to target road ragers and encourage them to share a wave on the road.

The campaign was launched after a survey of 1200 members found two-thirds of respondents had been the victim of a road rage incident and 80% had witnessed an attack.

The instructor explains through song how potentially dangerous and violent scenarios can be “waved off with ease”.

She sings: “Let it go. It’s alright. It's not worth a beeping fight. Would you take on granny in on obstacle race? Because that’s kind of what you’re doing when you take her car space.”

She uses examples like driving next to a cyclist, letting people in and letting people cross the road.

It’s weird, it’s catchy, but will it work in reducing road rage?

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