Nissan encourages Aussies to 'Travel the Whole World of Australia'

16 March 2021

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Set to Wolfmother’s ‘Joker & the Thief’ the AV was shot over five days across two states.

Whilst we may not be able to travel abroad, the best landscapes the world has to offer are right here in our own backyard, and Nissan want Aussie’s to get out and experience them in a new Nissan Navara.

The campaign from Nissan United, Omnicom’s integrated global agency partnership between TBWA and OMG, was produced entirely in house and kicks off this week.

Directed by Brian Patto and set to Wolfmother’s ‘Joker & the Thief’ the AV was shot over five days across two states, and aims to uncover some undiscovered locations across Victoria and South Australia.

Nissan Australia director of marketing Geraldine Davys says: “We are really proud and excited to launch the new Nissan Navara in a way that is uniquely Australian. It’s one of the most important new car launches for Nissan in recent times, so we needed to ensure that we were broadening our appeal beyond the traditional tradie audience; to those who truly want to adventure off-road.”

Patto says, “The new Navara PRO-4X is tough and it was so much fun unleashing it across a variety of rugged terrains to showcase its capability and strength."

The campaign is delivered in market via an integrated multimedia schedule including a series of local activations across the entire Nissan dealer network and a national radio promotion to encourage Australians to shake off the 2020 blues and see more of Australia in their Navara.


Client: Nissan Australia
Creative and Media: Nissan United
Production: TBWA\Melbourne

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