NBN pushes power of connection

5 August 2016

Advertiser: NBN Co
Creative Agency: BWM Dentsu Sydney

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It's all about tugging on emotional heartstrings rather than talking about the technology and the speed of the NBN.

NBN is taking a different tack in its latest ads, and talking about the emotional power a fast internet connection can offer.

It's opting to talk about what it facilitates rather than the technology itself.

The ad shows two hearing impaired friends who have lost contact and are re-united. They appear to be in the same room, sharing stories, communicating in sign language. Sub titles bring the viewers into the conversation, but it transpires they aren't together at all, but talking over a video call thanks to a high quality broadband connection.

Kent Heffernan, executive general manager of marketing and community affairs, says: “The advertisement is very relatable on a human level. I think it reinforces the message that the NBN network has the ability to fundamentally impact on the lives of Australians in a positive way.”

It rolled out over TV, press, digital banners and out of home advertising over the weekend.

The aim is to drive early adoption of the NBN network as it rolls into new regions, and follows the NBN relaunch in May last year.

The ad was created by BWM and produced by Finch.

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