Mosh lifts the rug on men’s health via Sunday Gravy

21 June 2022

Creative Agency: Sunday Gravy

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"We wanted to highlight men's health in a way that gets men to take action."

Mosh, an online health platform for men, is on a mission to destigmatise men’s health in a campaign that makes things like hair loss, weight loss and sexual & mental health more affordable, accessible, easy and safe.

The campaign is broken into scenes that portray individual product stories supporting the brand’s holistic health offering and continued expansion into new categories, including the addition of weight loss and revamped mental health offering this year.

Mosh Collaborated with Sunday Gravy and Revolver's Matt Devine to unify their offerings.

Mosh's Brand & Communications lead Josh Dorevitch said: "We needed a way to get through to men. Knowing that most blokes can be guilty of sweeping their health under the rug, we wanted to highlight this behaviour in a memorable way that gets men to take action."

"Working with Matt and Sunday Gravy, we explored the universe that exists under that rug and made a film that we hope men will like and more importantly relate to."

The campaign is currently live across TV and online channels.

Creative Agency | Sunday Gravy

Director | Matt Devine

Production | Revolver

Offline edit | Arc Edit

VFX & online edit | Heckler

Sound Design | Heckler Sound

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