Mission Australia's winter campaign supports vulnerable amid COVID-19

1 May 2020

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The appeal features frontline staff speaking from the heart about the extra pressures faced by people who are homeless during the coronavirus.

Mission Australia’s new winter appeal features frontline staff speaking from the heart about the extra pressures faced by people who are homeless and Australia’s most vulnerable during the coronavirus era.

The campaign appeals to the community to donate to Mission Australia and invest in a seed of hope for vulnerable Australians facing tough times amid COVID-19, and into the future.

Created with MindJam and Customedia, the campaign features two of Mission Australia’s longstanding frontline workers; area manager, Saeli Masina and program manager, Phary Stamatis.

Masina and Stamatis team up to talk about the very real pressures that vulnerable Australians, including those experiencing homelessness, are facing during this time.

In the television commercial, Masina starts by saying: “This year has been hard for all Australians, leaving many scared, anxious and uncertain about the future.”

Stamatis continues by adding: “So, imagine how much harder it is for homeless and vulnerable Australians who don’t have ways to protect themselves.”

Masina finishes with an appeal to everyday Australians: “When you donate to Mission Australia, you’re investing a seed of hope in Australia’s most vulnerable. It may be someone close to you, or someone you know. There’s never been a more important time to support them. Donate now at missionaustralia.com.au.”

As a charity focussed on reducing homelessness and strengthening communities, Mission Australia’s staff have rapidly adapted to meet COVID-19 requirements, working tirelessly to continue delivering vital services.

The charity’s aim during this pandemic is to ensure ongoing vital support where it is needed, and to lessen the impacts of COVID-19 on people who are homeless and some of Australia’s most vulnerable people.

Mission Australia general manager, fundraising and marketing, Elvira Lodewick says the campaign extends compassion and acknowledgement of the shared challenges endured by all Australians at this time, while highlighting the urgent need for generosity to provide hope and support those less fortunate.

“The threat of the virus adds another layer of stressors for some of Australia’s most vulnerable people, such as the 116,000 people who are already homeless tonight, people and families struggling to make ends meet, the growing number of people who are unemployed, those facing poor physical or mental health, and the elderly," Lodewick says.

“Mission Australia’s commitment of course remains unchanged, and our staff, volunteers, funders and supporters are continuing to work together – while apart – to create hope and opportunity for those in our communities who are in need.

“But we know there remains much work still to do to, so that amidst the threat of the virus and in the longer term, people are looked after, safely and appropriately housed and have access to the community supports they need.

“There’s no doubt that our nation is facing major challenges together. This shared, pivotal experience of all Australians seems to have only increased our collective sense of care, compassion and generosity towards everyone, particularly our most vulnerable.

“We hope that people will see our winter campaign and feel stirred to care and consider lending a hand to help their fellow Australians who are facing uncertainty every day and are struggling to keep themselves and their families safe and protected.

“We gratefully welcome all donations, big or small, as every donation is investing a seed of hope for people facing tough times in Australia. All funds raised go directly towards ensuring our frontline staff can continue to safely provide quality support to people in need, and provides a helping hand to people on their journey to independence."

Launched on May 1, the campaign includes a direct mail appeal and is set to run on television, radio and digital advertisements until June 30, 2020.

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