MG Motor's 'Drive Your Style' via JOY

3 August 2022

Creative Agency: JOY

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Inspired by the bright and fashion-forward personalities of MG3 drivers.

Independent integrated agency JOY released Drive Your Style for MG Motor that focuses on elevating personal expression, fashion and style with hatchback the MG3.

The campaign was inspired by the bright and fashion-forward personalities of MG3 drivers, and leans into social media fashion trends to showcase their trendy playfulness with short-form videos on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, all with fresh, fashion-forward appeal.

'Drive Your Style' plays on the popular social hashtag #GRWM (Get Ready with Me) and utilises #GRWMG3 to position the MG3 as the ultimate accessory to people’s daily transformation routine, targeting young, socially savvy women aged 18-25 in a fun and relevant way. Alongside a social-first approach, the campaign also brings the brand to life for customers via recognised fashion and beauty influencers.

The entire campaign was conceived and executed by JOY, who created an end-to-end, integrated creative media solution that carries the audience through a car buying journey. JOY handpicked Harry Glassborow as director of photography, alongside an editorial team with unquestionable stylistic credentials to ensure an authentic connection to the fashion world.

The creative around the #GRWMG3 uses match cuts and whip pans to convey a dynamic, active fashion shoot featuring exciting outfit transitions capturing the core of Gen Z fashion.

Madeleine Bell, brand specialist at MG Motor, said, ” We’re excited to launch this latest campaign for the ever-popular MG3 across ANZ, and love the way the team at JOY have captured the fun and stylish nature both of the model and its audience: young, fun, fashionable women.”

Katie Chandler, head of social at JOY, said: “We worked hard to crack the code to connecting MG3 to its core audience. Women aged 18-25 are all about self-expression. From their wardrobes to their Instagram feeds, what they put out into the world reflects who they are. The brands they choose are no different. We developed this campaign to showcase how the inspiring and colourful MG3 fits into their fashionable and exciting lives.”

'Drive Your Style' is currently live and will run for the rest of the year.


Client: MG Motor Australia

National Marketing Manager: Mark Vukoja

Brand Specialist: Madeleine Bell

Marketing Assistant: Kiara Simonini

Agency (Creative & Media): JOY Agency

Creative Director: Phil Watson

Producer: Mark Thomas

Head of Social/Asst. Art Direction: Katie Chandler

Social Media Strategy: Katie Chandler

Social Media Manager: Tristan Byrnes

Senior Account Director: Kate Chapman

Media planner: Matilda Jesiolowski


Producer: Gary Saunders

Director & DOP: Harry Glassborow

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