Melbourne Food & Wine fest shows the art in eating

6 February 2015

Creative Agency: Ogilvy (VIC)

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Melbourne's Food & Wine Festival has continued the use of its "Discover Something New" tagline, in its new campaign.

The campaign, by Ogilvy Melbourne, showcases a signature dish from Andrew McConnell - of Melbourne restaurant Cumulus - explaining how unusual ingredients are married together to create something unique.

While the dish is the centrepiece of the TV campaign, the visual is also featured on the festival guide cover and in press, digital, outdoor and transit. Supporting visuals include a dish from Dan Hunter of Brae and wine from Julian Castagna of Castagna Wines.

Ogilvy Melbourne's executive creative director Brendon Guthrie said the campaign aims to showcase the art at the core of cooking and wine.

"Melbourne is renowned for fostering a collaborative and creative spirit and for being at the forefront of the arts and producing some of the best food and wine in the world," Guthrie said.

"This year’s campaign is a novel exploration of combining the two great features of Melbourne’s unique cultural spirit: food and visual art."

“The collaboration between chef and artist led to the creation of what we call ‘visual recipes’ that take food and wine lovers on a taste and sight sensory journey encouraging them to discover something new in the communication itself.”

The campaign comprises TV, Radio, Press, Digital & Outdoor and will run until 15 March.

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