Melanoma Institute Australia says 'game on mole' to skin cancer

25 November 2019

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The campaign strategically capitalises on Australia’s love of a good pun and taking selfies

Melanoma Institute Australia is leveraging the iconic Aussie catch-cry ‘game on, mole’ to rally young Australians in the fight against melanoma this summer.

The edgy new campaign calls on young Aussies to don a limited-edition Game On Mole T-shirt and share selfies on social media tagged #gameonmole to generate a life-saving conversation around sun safety and skin health.

The campaign, created in-house by Melanoma Institute Australia, strategically capitalises on Australia’s love of a good pun and taking selfies.

"We are using the phrase in its most literal form to tackle a serious health issue," Melanoma Institute Australia head of communications Jennifer Durante says.

"By taking the iconic slang phrase and reinventing it for good in the form of a ‘Game On Mole’ t-shirt, we are empowering young Australians to take selfies and spark potentially life-saving conversations through their social media ‘news’ channels.

"Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 15 to 39 year old Australians, so we needed a campaign to engage this demographic and make discussions around sun safety and early detection not white noise, but rather something they can relate to and be willing to share."

Game On Mole includes a campaign website with a single-minded call to action - take photos of your skin at the start and end of summer and seek medical advice if something has changed.

As well as detailing what to look out for in changes to your skin, the website also includes simple tips for living a sun-safe life. ‘Game On Mole’ social pages have also been specifically created to drive the campaign to young Australians.

Game On Mole television and radio community service announcements featuring Olympic swimming champion and melanoma survivor Cate Campbell are due to air nationally over summer in free CSA spots, with free-to-air television including Channel Seven, ABC, Prime Seven, and WIN and commercial radio networks such as Australian Radio Network all generously offering up free advertising space for the campaign.

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