Meet the world’s smartest clothing peg

22 April 2016

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OMO and J. Walter Thompson Sydney launch Peggy - a smart peg that can text you.

Detergent brand OMO has launched ‘peggy’; the world’s smartest clothing peg.

Aimed at lightening the load for families and to get children actively playing, Peggy informs users of the best time to do the washing according to a range of weather indicators. The peg is so smart, it can monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and UV sunlight.

Peggy also takes the macro weather data available from weather forecasting services and combines them with micro weather data to provide accurate drying times and weather indicators relative to your family home. Peggy then notifies families of these changes and updates via push notifications, in a bid to free them up for the moments that really matter.

J. Walter Thompson Sydney ECD Simon Langley said Peggy had been specifically developed as a way to bring the OMO ‘Real Play’ marketing strategy to life as part of its Dirt is Good mission.

J. Walter Thompson Sydney group digital CD Jay Morgan says: “Ideas like this not only garner interest and engagement from our client’s customers but they add new value to their business outside of successful marketing campaigns. Brands are strongest when they’re not only talking about their purpose but actively demonstrating it through innovation and new product development.”

Peggy is still in the BETA phase, currently being tested by households in Australia.


Agency: J. Walter Thompson Sydney

Simon Langley - Executive Creative Director

Jay Morgan – Group Digital Creative Director

Will Edwards & Chris Badger – Creative Team / Associate Creative Directors

Angela Morris – Executive Planning Director

Carly Yanco – Senior Planner

Milly Hall – Group Account Director

Isabelle Udall – Account Manager

Innovation Manager – Michaela Upton

Producer - Ellen Fraser

Peggy Prototype & App development – Streaker

Digital Delivery Director – Elicia Varley

Senior Designer – Alex Eather

Print Producer – Anastasia Nielsen

Producers – Anastasia Nielsen & Niki Bentley

Editor - Kel Gronow

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