Meet phase two of 'Radio, It's a Love Thing'

12 March 2015

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Love radio? Now it wants to remind you that you love it again, with the second part of a campaign to boost ad spend.

The campaign, by Commerical Radio Australia (CRA), will see four new radio ads on air across 261 metropolitan and regional commerical radio stations.

Based on research by Comar Brunton that analysed nearly 20,000 respondents, the four 30-second ads give insight into how radio advertising influences consumer behaviour.

Phase one of the camapign was launched in October last year and highlighted that radio listeners are nine time happier when listening to their favourite radio station. The new ads are based on four pieces of insight:

  • People are seven times more likely to buy cars they've heard advertised on radio.
  • People are six times more likely to visit websites they hear advertised.
  • People are three times more likely to buy furniture and homeware brands they hear.
  • Radio is Australia's top perfoming industry on Facebook.

CRA CEO Joan Warner said: "While radio is highly competitive and radio stations are aiming to increase their audience share, radio undrstands the importance of working together to promote radio's influence and strength as a medium."



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