McDonald's launches Friends-style sitcom for fries

25 May 2016

Advertiser: McDonald's

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McDonald’s has turned its fries into a Friends sitcom to launch gravy topping.

McDonald’s is channelling iconic Sitcom’s Friends and Seinfeld to celebrate its new gravy loaded fries.

In the ad, a Gravy loaded fry interviews other fries to be his new housemate, but it proves to be harder than the small fry thought.

He says: "Good gravy, are there no sane fries left in this city?"

Watch the ridiculousness unfold here:

The fast food chain released several other short clips for the launch of its gravy-topped fries. In one ad, the fries channel popular series Game of Thrones, saying "Winter is coming". In another, the fries play Marco Polo.

Previously AdNews spoke to DDB Sydney about how the ads pushed the boundaries.

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