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17 November 2016

Creative Agency: Eleven Communications

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Who's up for a Game of Spontaneity? has chanelled the infamous Cards against Humanity for an activation with Eleven, encouraging Aussies to embrace their spontaneous side.

The launch follows research from that shows many Aussies have lost their famed adventurous spirit and are more likely to stick to their routines than book a spontaneous holiday.

The Cards of Spontaneity, asks players to pick one card from each of the three colour categories until they’ve cooked up the most epic trip imaginable.

The categories include ‘I wish I could’, ‘At’ and ‘With’ and are designed to encourage Aussies to start thinking outside the holiday box labelled ‘bleeding obvious’.

Through the tongue-in-cheek card game, players can pull out any combination from doing a #shoey at a party in Mykonos with someone you met online to salsa dancing down the Champs-Élysées in Paris with your lover.

Amanda Behre, director, brand and marketing at says: “At we are all about inspiring Aussies to break free from the over analysis and planning which can often come with booking travel.

“Given spontaneity is at the heart of our brand, when we saw the research we knew something had to be done to get Aussie living more last minute. As we near the silly season and the end of year craziness that comes with it, the campaign is designed to encourage Aussies to embrace their inner free spirit by just saying yes to that one last trip of the year”.

Consumers can play the game via a digitial version hosted on’s Facebook page.

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PR Agency: Eleven

Managing Director: Roberto Pace

Creative Director: Russ Tucker

Group Account Director: Fiona Milliken

Account Director: Jade Glashoff

Account Manager: Ali Bates

Senior Account Executive: Julia Buckland

Account Executive: Asheden Hill

Senior Brand Marketing Manager: Darren Potter

Director, Brand and Marketing: Amanda Behre

Social Media Manager: Nicole Redfern

Head of PR: Megan Smith

PR Manager: Sarah King

Creative team: The Cavemen

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