La Trobe University celebrates the impact of its teachers

29 June 2020

Creative Agency: Clemenger BBDO (Melbourne)
Media Agency: Carat (VIC)

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Reunions was created by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

La Trobe University and Clemenger BBDO Melbourne have launched a new brand campaign, Reunions, celebrating the role and impact of the university’s teachers on graduate’s careers.

The campaign was developed from the common truth that as students, we’ve all had teachers who have inspired us throughout our education.

“This campaign concept was born from the simple insight that a really great teacher helps you to get ahead in ways you may not always realise fully at the time," La Trobe University chief marketing officer Tim Skellern says.

“This series is a powerful reminder of the ongoing impact we make in the lives of the students we teach by inspiring excellence through the world-class education they receive at La Trobe.”

La Trobe University is renowned for the bonds formed between its academics and students, so the campaign sought to bring together La Trobe graduates who are living out their career ambitions with the teachers who inspired them.

The campaign highlights the results that the close relationships and mentorship contributed to, while demonstrating the genuine emotion that exists between staff and alumni, against the backdrop of La Trobe University’s world-leading courses and facilities.

“The staff were so proud of what the graduates had achieved, and that’s how you know how invested they are in what they do," Clemenger BBDO creative director Hilary Badger says.

"The students loved their time at La Trobe and are now working in a range of incredible careers. There’s really no better product demonstration than that.”

The campaign launches across TV, outdoor, digital and social.


Chief Marketing Officer: Tim Skellern
Director, Market Development: Matt Boyd
Senior Campaign Coordinator: Jon Hewitt
Creative and Brand Manager: Steve Rando
Paid Media Manager: Sarah Forte

Clemenger BBDO Melbourne

Director & Editor: The Glue Society
Production Company: Revolver/Will O’Rourke
Managing Director: Michael Ritchie
Executive Producers: Pip Smart & Jasmin Helliar
Producer: Serena Paull
Post Production: Glue Society Studios



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