KFC resurrects GoT's Hodor for lunchtime push

4 July 2017

Advertiser: KFC
Creative Agency: Mother London

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Hold the door.. Hold the door.. Chicken and fries.. Chicken and rice.

The late Hodor has taken the unlikely job having left Winterfell of now serving lunchtime orders at KFC.

In the fast-food brand's latest UK campaign, 'Lunchtime is coming', Hodor (Irish actor Kristian Nairn) serves the hungry hordes chicken and rice.

The ad says: “The lunchtime rush. A hungry horde. Only one man can hold them back. The KFC Ricebox. The same great Original Recipe chicken, just with rice instead of fries.”

The 45-second ad, which celebrate the new menu offering, was launched on KFC UK and Ireland's Twitter account, watch the clip here:

While most Game of Thrones fans love any reference of the show in the real world, some are saying Hodor's appearance comes too soon after the beloved servant was brutally killed by White Walkers.


Mother is KFC UK's agency of record, having won the account from 15-year incumbent BBH in March of this year.

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