‘Join the Gift’d’ this Christmas with eBay

21 November 2016

Advertiser: eBay
Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi (NSW)
Media Agency: PHD Network

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Search with a flick of the thumb for your perfect Christmas gift with eBay.

eBay has launched their Christmas campaign, beckoning Australians to ‘Join the Gift’d’.

The campaign, by M&C Saatchi, reveals a team of everyday people sharing an extraordinary power, making them more Gift’d at Christmas.

With 90% of all products bought on eBay being brand new and from big name retailers, the campaign aims to replace Christmas shopping lethargy with the excitement of purchasing the perfect present.

Reflecting on real customers, eBay introduces The Don of Deep and Meaningful, The Lorde of Latest & Greatest, The Master of More for Less, The Princess of Perfect Gifts and The Sultan of Summer Christmas. Each personality encouraging Australians of all gifting skills to take their rightful place alongside the Gift’d crew.

CMO senior director of advertising, sales and retail innovation Steve Brennen says: “We all have that friend or family member with the special ability to nail Christmas gifting – this campaign celebrates Australia’s greatest gifters. With more than 100million new items available for sale on eBay Australia, everyone can find their perfect gift for someone special at this important time of year.”

Andy DiLallo, chief creative officer M&C Saatchi says: “Gift’d is culturally relevant to every Australian wanting to purchase the perfect present. Drawing upon the inclusive community that eBay inspires, the campaign conveys eBay as a big brand platform enabling seamless Christmas shopping experiences.”

The campaign will roll out across online pre rolls, YouTube mastheads, digital display, rich placements, catch-up TV and social media as well as radio and music streaming channels.

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