It's Smart To Ask

8 July 2013

Advertiser: Aussie
Creative Agency: 303Lowe (NSW)

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Mortgage broker Aussie has launched the next instalment of the 'It's Smart To Ask' initiative with a three-part TV campaign featuring John Symond.

The campaign sees Symond encouraging consumers to find out if their home loan is the best for their needs.

The three commercials are aimed at three buyers, new home buyers, refinancers and investors. New buyers are asked 'Would your bank tell you if a competitor had a better home loan?'. Refinancers are asked 'Is your home loan the best deal for you or your bank?'. Investors are asked 'Will going straight to your bank really get you the best investment loan?'.

Aussie’s general manager of marketing, Stuart Tucker said “The campaign is designed to get consumers to re-think the obvious choice of going back to their bank for a home loan for any purpose, offering Aussie as a place where their questions are answered”.

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