Isobar taps augmented reality to promote Power Rangers

16 March 2017

Creative Agency: Isobar

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Isobar has introduced an augmented reality activation to hype up the new Saban's Power Rangers film.

An augmented reality (AR) activation is transporting viewers to the futuristic world of Power Rangers.

The activation, called #RangerTraining, places you in a 3D training simulation where you can battle it out against monsters, collecting coins along the way.

Isobar ECD Dave Budge says: “This campaign demonstrates one of the great benefits of digital out-of-home – right time, right place.”

“This reboot isn’t the Power Rangers you think you know, and we needed to show that. So we created an opportunity that allows fans to see if they have what it takes to be on the team.”

Players can also upload their best #RangerTraining moves to Instagram for the chance to win tickets to the film.

Roadshow Films product marketing manager Bel Boyce says: “Roadshow Films is excited about the opportunity to feature new and exciting ways to attract the audience. The use of AR technology gives people the chance to feel they are part of Saban’s Power Rangers through interaction in real-time.”

The campaign rolled out in Melbourne last weekend and will be at Macquarie Centre in Sydney this weekend.

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