Innocean's new team launches first work for Hyundai's Santa Fe

20 January 2021

Advertiser: Hyundai
Creative Agency: Innocean

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The campaign sees two bickering siblings instantly transformed into little angels complete with harps, singing Enya’s 80s classic Orinocco Flow.

Hyundai has launched the latest campaign for the new Hyundai Santa Fe, bringing peace to family travel, created by its newly transformed creative agency, Innocean Australia.

The Santa Fe has long established itself as an award-winning favourite amongst Australian large SUV buyers as an innovative, luxurious family SUV.

“With a significant number of new product launches in 2021 we‘re starting the year as we intend to finish it, with spectacular creative that pushes the Hyundai brand forward," Hyundai Australia chief marketing officer Kevin Goult says.

"The new Santa Fe model is up first. It’s more grown up, more premium, and more technologically advanced than ever before, just like the Hyundai marketing team and its agencies.”


In a homogenous category from a campaign perspective, Innocean’s strategy was to position the new Santa Fe as the perfect antidote to family chaos, as it has been intelligently designed with today's families in mind.

Intuitive design features create an environment that helps resolve family tension, making everyone comfortable and happier when on the road.

The campaign idea, Little Angels, was developed from an insight that in the midst of family chaos, parents are striving to achieve their own personal moments of harmony.

The campaign sees two bickering siblings instantly transformed into little angels complete with harps, singing Enya’s 80s classic Orinocco Flow in perfect harmony.

The world outside the Santa Fe is populated by a motorcycle courier transformed into a gallant white horseman, a levitating windscreen squeegee lady and a busload of elderly people who join the celestial choir.

”As parents we’ve all been there. Peace At Last is an enduring platform idea for the Santa Fe that resonates with families and just keeps getting better creatively," Innocean Australia executive creative director Wes Hawes says.

"Director Michael Spiccia’s vision, paired with trusting, ambitious clients like Hyundai, and the talented team at Innocean Australia, help bring this angelically fun campaign to life. And Enya of course.”

Scoundrel director Michael Spiccia says: "It was a real joy to service an idea that inherited so much fun and potential. I was grateful that the entire team were all on board from the very beginning. Especially from a client who instilled so much faith and trust to really support a direction that we were all excited about.”

The fully integrated campaign is the first off the ranks under the new Innocean leadership team.

It launches across digital video, social, CRM, TV, cinema, transit media and point of sale.

”The new Hyundai Santa Fe campaign is the first reflection of what you can expect from Innocean Australia this year and beyond," Innocean Australia CEO Jasmin Bedir says.

"After transforming the agency with new hires across a range of skills to deliver a multi-channel, integrated approach, it’s exciting to see the work also transform to what we have the ability to achieve for clients.”

Director of Marketing: Kevin Goult
Product Portfolio Marketing Manager: Helen Gilmartin
Product Marketing Specialist: Lisa Yau

Innocean Australia:
Executive Creative Director: Wes Hawes
Creative Director: Dan O’Connell
Creative Team: Dan O’Connell and V. Wassim Kanaan
Head of Strategy: Karl Bates
Head of CX: Romy Briers
Client Partner: Ian Hartley
Snr Account Director: Vincent Pled
Account Director: Sarah Gardan
Director of Integrated Production: Craig Sloane
Integrated Producer: Louis Moore
Snr Integrated Producer: Warrick Nicholson
Finished art/Design Juliana Bacmaga
Digital Production: Amanda Davis
Social Media Manager: Taylah Nilsson
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Michael Spiccia

Executive Producer: Kate Gooden
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
DOP: Jeremy Rouse
Production Design: Sherree Phillips
Casting: Allison Meadows - Mullinars
Casting Editor: Mark Burnett, The Editors
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
VFX: Fin Design & Effects
Music: Sonar Music
Track: Enya - Orinocco Flow
Music Clearance - Anton Trailer - Trailer Media
Photography: Michael Corridore, Photoplay.

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