Innocean and No Ugly team up to help Australians sleep better

19 March 2021

Creative Agency: Innocean

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The No Ugly ‘Lullabies’ campaign aims to put Aussies to sleep, by turning whatever’s keeping them awake at night into a tranquil lullaby.

Innocean Australia has created the first campaign for No Ugly health and wellness tonics since the brand crossed the Tasman from New Zealand to launch in Australia early this year.

The No Ugly ‘Lullabies’ campaign, for the No Ugly Sleep variant, aims to put Aussies to sleep, by turning whatever’s keeping them awake at night into a tranquil lullaby.

One in three Australians suffer from insomnia at some point in their lives due to stress and anxiety and this is on the rise.

What’s worse, the prognosis is looking grim, with anxiety in the last 12 months around COVID-19, Job Seeker, Job Keeper, and having a job at all, adding to the list of reasons why Aussies are not getting their full eight hours.

Enter No Ugly Sleep and the ‘Lullabies’ campaign created by the new team at Innocean Australia.

The fully integrated campaign launches today to mark World Sleep Day across social, out-of-home, and radio.

People can submit whatever’s keeping them awake at night @nouglyau on Instagram for a chance to have their worry turned into a lullaby sung by Australian musician and composer, Brontë Horder. People can also win a two-month ‘Sleep Regime’ from No Ugly.

Some of the common stress triggers already turned into lullabies include a woman whose boyfriend is bad in bed (but is rich), backpackers partying next door, worrying HR emails, and the wrong font in a presentation deck. Even the Government’s automated COVID-19 text alert has had the No Ugly Lullaby treatment.

Other stresses may be closer to home for our industry. Name missed off an award credit? Can’t crack that EDM subject line? Creative partner has BO? Simply submit whatever’s stressing you out by replying in the comments section on the @nouglyau Instagram page to get your ‘worry’ turned into a lullaby.

Innocean Australia executive creative director Wesley Hawes says: “We’re stoked to be partnering with No Ugly Australia’s founder, Ryan Bernal, to launch the No Ugly brand here.

"What’s more, you never would have expected the Lullabies campaign to come out the doors of Innocean Australia. It’s social-first, digitally-led and reactive. Even though the response turnaround is insane, it’s going to be so much fun to create mini-musicals based on the real anxieties of Aussies.”

No Ugly Australia founder Ryan Bernal says: “The reality is that in the search for wellness, quality sleep is arguably the holy grail. No Ugly Sleep is full of magnesium, your body’s natural ‘sleep hormone’, and tart cherry, which contains melatonin, and a range of other ingredients that help you sleep like a baby. My own sleep has increased by just over 50 minutes and my deep sleep by 20 on average. That’s what you call a functional beverage.

“The Innocean team have been more than just our creative agency, they’ve been incredible in getting this start up off the ground with a campaign that lets all Aussies know that sweet dreams now come in a bottle. Best of all, it’s low sugar, all-natural and sparkling.”

Innocean Australia CEO Jasmin Bedir says: “This campaign showcases that Innocean is no one trick pony with a clever, digitally-led campaign that we expect to work gangbusters for No Ugly’s Australian launch and help to connect the brand with Australia’s health-conscious consumers. The functional beverage category is experiencing significant growth and No Ugly is perfectly positioned for success in this market.”

The Lullabies campaign runs from 19-26 March.

Innocean Australia
ECD: Wesley Hawes
CEO: Jasmin Bedir
Senior Art Director: V. Wassim Kanaan
Senior copywriter: Damon Porter
PR Director: Nicole Craig
Media Strategist: Charlotte Berry
Social Media Manager: Taylah Nilsson
Senior Account Manager: Amber Lowings
Integrated Producer: Louis Moore
Editor/Colourist: Lucio Tagliani
Sound Designer/Engineer: Caleb Jacobs

Musician: Brontë Horder

No Ugly
No Ugly Boss: Ryan Bernal

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