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24 February 2020

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Creative Agency: Ogilvy (NSW)

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The brand is taking a stand on the growing issue of parent-shaming.

For the first time, Huggies is taking a stand on the growing issue of parent-shaming with its latest ‘Be Comfortable in Your Skin’ campaign.

Together with agency partners, the brand has developed a concept that focuses on showcasing and championing real Aussie families and their everyday struggles to remind all parents that no one knows their baby like they do.

Through a variety of executions including a TVC and film, plus supporting PR and paid media, the campaign aims to start a national movement that encourages people to ‘parent-fame’ not ‘parent-shame’ and to celebrate a diverse range of parents and parenting styles.

The supporting Parent Performance Review film shows real Aussie parents judging themselves on their parenting styles and skills, showcasing the raw emotion that lies behind the issue.

The film resolves with positive feedback from those who matter most - the parents’ children and partners.

The film is currently live on Huggies’ Facebook page, YouTube page and website.

“It’s been an exciting opportunity to help a market-leading brand take a leadership role on a social issue that’s impacting parents across the country," Ogilvy creative director Jenny Mak says.

"By creating a campaign that positions Huggies as the positive voice that reassures parents, we’re looking to help shape a more healthy conversation around parenting and ultimately alleviate some of the unnecessary pressure Aussie families feel to be perfect.

"We want parents to know that as long as your baby is happy and healthy, you can feel as comfortable in your skin as your baby’s skin feels in Huggies nappies.”

To amplify the impact of the campaign through earned media, Huggies enlisted communications agency, opr, who commissioned a national survey to find out the true scale and impact parent-shaming can have on parents.

Being the first Australian-commissioned research that addresses this issue, Huggies also teamed up with psychologist Sabina Read and celebrity my Snezana Wood to drive home the mental toll that parent-shaming can have as well as providing helpful advice parents can take on-board should they be parent-shamed.

To ensure as many Australian parents as possible were reached, Huggies also worked with Mindshare to launch a large-scale screens strategy across TV, BVOD and online video.

This will be complemented by a unique partnership with Australia’s largest women’s network, Mamamia, who Huggies is partnering with to help Mums feel more comfortable in their skin, no matter how they choose to do it.

The new TVC runs from Sunday February 23 across Australia.


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Fiona Kelly - Senior Brand Manager
Bianca Edmunds - Brand Communications Manager 


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