Goa pokes fun at Alan Jones amid Opera House controversy

10 October 2018

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Outdoor media company Goa call out Alan Jones with cheeky billboards, as advertising on the Opera House remains trending issue.

Outdoor media company Goa has responded to the Alan Jones Opera House debate with a cheeky message.

Billboards implore ‘Jonesy’ to contact Goa and get his message onto "real billboards," playfully adding that this would be at no charge.

The tongue-in-cheek billboards from Goa follow intense scrutiny of the decision to run advertising on the Opera House of the Everest Cup.

Jones’ treatment of Opera House CEO Louise Herron was widely criticised earlier this week.

The 2GB radio host was accused of bullying Herron into projecting advertising for The Everest Cup horse racing onto the Opera House sails. As a result, big brands were urged to end their support of Jones and pull advertising from his radio station.

Yesterday, Sydneysiders protested at the Opera House when it was lit up with Everest advertising, disrupting the broadcast with torches.

AdNews asked outdoor execs, creative and media agency leaders and two of Australia's top chief marketing officers is the Opera House should carry advertising. Read their thoughts here.

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