Gillette says ask your dad, not the internet

8 June 2016

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Grey New York launches a new campaign urging teens to connect with their parents, rather than the internet.

With mobiles taking over teens lives, boys are increasingly turning to the internet to ask how to do almost everything - from tying a tie to shaving.

Gillette has launched a digital campaign to encourage teens to 'Go Ask Dad' for advice instead of the internet.

The video from Grey New York for the Procter & Gamble Co. brand shows dads in Spanish, French and English talking about how their sons rarely ask them how to do things, and far less so than they asked their own dads.

That sets up a test where boys first try learning things by "asking the internet," then asking their dads, and comparing results.

Dads, perhaps unsurprisingly, turn out to be better teachers.

When was the last time you asked your dad for advice?

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