Furphy Footy Porky Pies campaign unveiled via Thinkerbell

23 September 2021

Advertiser: Lion
Creative Agency: Thinkerbell

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“Thinking about what goes hand-in-hand with beers, it hit us. Pies."

Melbourne Football Club sponsors Furphy will deliver 1000 free, limited-edition Furphy Footy Porky Pies across Melbourne city for AFL Grand Final day on September 25.

The campaign celebrates the Melbourne Demons making it into the Grand Final for the first time in 21 years.

The pies were created in partnership with Geelong’s Routley's Bakery. The chunky beef and bacon Furphy Footy Porky Pies are infused with Furphy fresh from the brewery in Geelong.

Whilst the Grand Final has moved to Perth this year, Furphy and Routleys created the pies to bring a flavour of footy finals direct to fans and friends in Victoria.

Lion brand director Malcolm Eadie says the pies encourage fans to celebrate the game and share a moment.

“The Furphy Footy Porky Pie is not only about celebrating the game, but about sharing a moment with mates, reliving those tall tales from the season and kicking back to cheer on your team – in our case, The Dees,” Eadie says.

The campaign will run in Victoria for the Grand Final weekend across digital, social, PR and media partnerships.

Thinkerbell head creative tinker Sesh Moodley says the campaign goes beyond beer.

“We set out to be the beer that people think (and drink) about during the AFL Grand Final. Only problem - we weren't the official beer, so we had to go bigger than beer,” Moodley says.

“Thinking about what goes hand-in-hand with beers, it hit us. Pies. We fused a delicious meat pie with bacon bits and, of course, Furphy and ended up making the porkiest of all pies - Furphy Footy Porky Pies.”

The pies come in custom packs with Furphy releasing single packs plus six packs resembling slabs of beer. Each pie is in its own sleeve, printed with details about the making of the iconic pie and an entertaining AFL-themed Porky Pie.

Client - Furphy
Creative Agency - Thinkerbell
PR Agency - Liquid Ideas
Media Agency - UM
Digital Agency - Akcelo
Sampling and Experiential Agency - Blobfish

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