Ford gives Australian drivers confidence in latest work by BBDO Australia

2 December 2019

Advertiser: Ford

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The spot features a family heading off on a weekend camping trip, when the son decides to ask dad an awkward question.

Ford and BBDO Australia have today launched a new campaign for the Everest Sport, Handle Any Situation in an Everest Sport.

The spot highlights the capability of the vehicle which enables its drivers to conquer any challenge – be that some gnarly off-road terrain, a steep uphill climb, or an ambitious river crossing.

In fact, the Everest Sport gives Australian drivers such confidence, they can handle any situation that might happen inside the car too.

The spot features a family heading off on a weekend camping trip. As the family depart, the son asks his dad where babies come from.

Rather than being daunted by the question, dad successfully explains with scientific accuracy how babies are made, all the while navigating the external terrain with ease too.

“The Ford Everest Sport is the ultimate family vehicle, designed to withstand everything that the Australian landscape has to throw at it, as well as providing a comfortable ride to handle other…situations," Ford Australia GM marketing Daniella Winter says.

The campaign launches from today and will roll out across the summer period.

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