Equip Super's 'Don't be shy' via cummins&partners

11 June 2024

Creative Agency: Cummins&Partners

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Following the agency's pitch win.

cummins&partners has unveiled a new campaign for Equip Super that recognises the confusing nature of "near retirement"  launches, following the agency's pitch win. 

With an ageing population and the superannuation system in Australia being extraordinarily complex, Equip Super saw an opportunity to help Australians take control of their retirement future.

Leveraging the common saying ‘the shy and retiring type’, Equip Super and cummins&partners have created a metaphoric safe space for people to seek advice, get guidance and ask the retirement questions they may be too afraid to ask.

"Equip Super is focused on providing to its members the best care and returns, as we have aimed to do over the last 90 years it has done over the last 90 years," Equip Super chief technology and transformation officer said.

"We’re seeing an opportunity for the growing cohort of pre-retirees to provide deeper support and service. We’re thrilled to launch this campaign with cummins&partners and thank them for their help in getting us here."

Research conducted by Equip Super revealed that retirees are demanding direct, personal contact from their funds and that they’re unsure of where to start retirement planning, let alone knowing if they will have enough funds to last.

These include providing a dedicated support service for members and encouraging new members to join The Fund to get full mastery of their retirement future. This includes retirement accounts, retirement investment advice, retirement planning and retirement income strategies.

Founder and creative strategist Sean Cummins said it's a pleasure to work with Equip Super to reorient itself around a very important audience and lifestage.

"Who often need that extra validation and support navigating a very complex time in their lives. I know personally that you don't want to feel silly and timid about the issue, so having a campaign that tackles that head on is great”.

The campaign is set to launch on June 11 with an integrated creative and media strategy. It will feature more than 500 OOH placements, social, digital and include integrated sponsorships across Sky’s Business Weekly and the Retire Right podcast.

This approach aims to target pre-retirees and retirees based on their respective life stages.

The campaign also includes a takeover of Flinders Street Station, featuring a Q&A feed on ‘The Wall’ and consecutive screens. This market-first API feed encourages people to ask retirement questions they may be too afraid to ask otherwise.

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