Energy Safe Victoria tells public don't DIY

13 November 2019

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DPR&Co has created a behaviour change campaign for Victoria’s technical regulator for energy safety.

Energy Safe Victoria’s (ESV) has launced a new public safety campaign around the dangers of DIY electrical work.

As Victoria’s technical regulator for energy safety, ESV appointed DPR&Co to create a behaviour change campaign aimed at educating unqualified Victorians about the dangers associated with electrical DIY.

“Many people don’t know that it’s illegal for unqualified people to do their own electrical work. They’re completely unaware of the potential risks,” ESV head of communications and marketing Jonathan Granger says.

“These risks go beyond electrocuting yourself or others. Illegally performed electrical work can lead to house fires, void your home insurance and see you faced with hefty repair bills as a result of faulty wiring.”

The primary audience for the campaign is males 30 years of age and older.

“Our brief was to reach a cohort of men who believe in self-sufficiency, or who have a ‘it can’t be that hard’ mentality,” DPR&Co co-founder and executive creative director Richard Ralphsmith says.

“We didn’t want to demean or insult them, so our approach was designed to be conversational, enlisting a relatable handyman persona to deliver the campaign message.”

The campaign creates the new acronym: DDIY – don’t do it yourself.

ESV’s DDIY campaign will be seen in out-of-home, press, digital and social channels across Victoria from November 13.

Creative Agency: DPR&Co
Executive Creative Director: Richard Ralphsmith
Art Director: Tassy Kontogiannis
Designer: Nathan Millard
Copywriters: Andrew North, Richard Ralphsmith
Production company: Adonis Films
Director: Donald Percy

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