Did you ever know that you're my booking hero?

24 February 2015

Creative Agency: Wieden & Kennedy

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Booking.com rolls out a global campaign, asking whether you too will become a booking hero.

Booking.com has launched the Australian arm of a global campaign, with a series of 30 second ads. The ads tell story of how you can pretty much get everything you want if you book the right hotel rooms.

The first ad in the series aired last night, and tells the story of a protagonist who meets his wife in a European hostel, proposes in a French chateau, takes their children to an eco-lodge, writes a bestseller in a off-beat shack, promotes the book in a five-star Tokyo hotel and bonds with his father-in-law at a castle resort.

The message being that you too can become a 'booking hero'.

There are four 30-second ads in the series, with 15-second cut downs to roll out across TV and online.

There will also be five 'contextual' online films which match Google keyword searches with possible Booking.com stays.

Online content will also follow users across the internet, with retargeting to be rolled out across Google sites and Facebook.

The Australian market is the second market in which the campaign has launched, with the creative on the campaign being taken care of by Wieden and Kennedy Amsterdam.

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