David Jones and 3rdspace 'Inspire Series' stars Matt Moran

12 November 2015

Creative Agency: 3rdspace

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Celebrity chef, Matt Moran, and Pedestrian TV bloggers, Byron Spencer and Natalia Personson, share what inspires them.

3rdspace and David Jones have come together to create ‘Inspire Series’ featuring celebrity chef Matt Moran and Pedestrian TV bloggers of the year, Byron Spencer and Natalia Personson.

The retailer giant gave 3rdspace the goal of producing inspiring content prompting 3rdspace to reach out to ‘remarkable’ Australians and tell their story.

In the clips features on Vimeo, Moran, Spencer and Personson are interviewed on their own life stories and what inspires them. 3rdspace adds another layer by interviewing the family and friends of the people featured in each clip.

The idea behind the campaign is to bring David Jones sponsorships alive in an inspiring way.

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