Crowdsourced TVC shows dairy community is ‘here for you’

18 May 2020

Creative Agency: Elmwood

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The TVC was created by Elmwood.

Dairy Australia, in partnership with their creative agency Elmwood, has produced a TVC using crowdsourced footage from real farmers and processors during the coronavirus lockdown.

Aimed at reassuring the Australian public during this pandemic, the commercial has one message: the dairy community is “Here for you”.

The commercial also serves as a collective thank you to Australians for helping out regional communities during the recent bushfires and drought.

This time, it’s the dairy community’s turn to rally together and support Australia during this pandemic.

“Australians have always shown remarkable resilience and community spirit in challenging times. And it’s no different during this pandemic," Dairy Australia communications strategy manager Glenys Zucco says.

Shot by real farmers, dairy families and processors, Dairy Australia’s Here For You TVC is a heart felt message to the nation—the dairy community is working hard to provide fresh, nutritious dairy foods to Australians every day.

“Authenticity was important to us: to be able to show real faces working hard behind the scenes to supply dairy to Australians," Elmwood associate creative director Paul Greskie says.

"Even our voice over was a real dairy farmer.”

Working around the logistical challenges of filming during a pandemic lockdown, Elmwood devised a strategy to reach out to the heart and soul of Australian dairy for UGC footage: from farming families to work sites across the country.

Over 60 farming families sent in their homemade footage, from touching videos where whole families got involved, to entries submitted from all walks of life.

It all came together in an emotive ad that gives Aussies a glimpse into the lives of real farming families proudly working in the dairy industry.

“We felt it was important to let Australians know that their health and nutrition matters. And as a community, dairy is here for you," Zucco says. 

“We know empathy, altruism and community spirit is increasingly more important to Australians during this pandemic so we felt it was the right time to tell our community’s story—in their own voice. Panic buying in our cities has stopped, thankfully, but we’d still like to reassure Aussies that our dairy families continue to be here for them."

Dairy Australia’s Here For You TVC is supported by sponsored posts on social media.

It forms part of the Dairy Matters platform launched in 2019 by Elmwood, a strategic shift to drive trust and support by providing transparency on topics that matter to Australians, opening up the doors to the industry and letting consumers meet the real people who make their dairy.

The new phase of Dairy Matters is expected to launch later this year.


Client: Dairy Australia
Creative agency: Elmwood Melbourne
Communications Strategy Manager: Glenys Zucco
Associate Creative Director: Paul Greskie
Copywriter: Phon Vongdara
Account Director: Gemma Tedford
Account Manager: Kayla Streatfeild
Director / Editor: Hamish Macgregor
Media agency: Hatched

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