Crime Stoppers launch campaign to end Domestic Violence

14 July 2020

Media Agency: Bohemia Group

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The media strategy and implementation was handled by Bohemia Group.

Crime Stoppers has launched a new family and domestic violence campaign with one clear message: call the police if you see, hear or suspect domestic violence.

This comes after five women and one man were killed in domestic violence murders across NSW in the last eight weeks, with the latest victim only 18 years old.

The campaign is calling on the community to be a lifeline for these victims.

It urges the community not to hesitate if they see, hear or suspect an emergency that requires an urgent police response.

One phone call could be the difference between someone dying or surviving.

The animated TVC was created by Crime Stoppers with media strategy and implementation by Bohemia Group.

The campaign will run across all commercial television stations and digital media in doctors’ surgeries across the state.

“Giving back and creating a better world for our team and our client’s brands to live in has always been part of the Bohemia DNA," Bohemia CEO Brett Dawson says.

"We are very proud to be partnering with Crime Stoppers and doing our bit to help.”

This ad campaign builds on the NSW Government’s ongoing commitment to reduce domestic and family violence, including the recent NSW and Commonwealth investment of more than $21 million to boost frontline services in response to COVID-19.

“Home should be the safest place on the planet, offering solace to families – but sadly for some, it can instead become a living nightmare," Crime Stoppers CEO Peter Price AM says.

"Our mandate is for a safer NSW, which is why we continue to deploy our resources in the best way possible to make it safer for all, irrespective of age, race, or religion.

“Crime Stoppers promotes ‘good neighbourly behaviour’, so please look after your neighbour because you never know when they might be picking up the phone to help you one day.”

The ads will run across all commercial networks and their catch-up counterparts, as well as social media and on digital screens in doctors’ surgeries across the state.

An accompanying promotional campaign will feature drink coasters and other merchandise on display in Australian Hoteliers Association and Clubs NSW venues across NSW.

Brett Dawson, CEO, Bohemia Group
Matt Cuda, Media Manager, Bohemia Group
Luke Amasi, Media Executive, Bohemia Group

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