Communicado connects consumers with wild prawns

16 April 2020

Creative Agency: Communicado Marketing Communications

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The More than a Prawn video launched on March 10 on YouTube.

‘More than a Prawn’, a campaign to connect Australians with the wild prawn industry and the provenance of the beloved seafood, has been launched by the Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries (ACPF).

With research showing a desire to consume more seafood overlaid with community concern for industry practices, ACPF has embarked on a project jointly funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) to build trust and confidence in the industry.

Annie Jarrett, chair of the ACPF, says Australians love their seafood and they want to know that the people who catch it are doing the right thing by the environment, their people and their practices.

“Thanks largely to an unwavering commitment by our fishers to continually invest in research and innovation, Australia's wild prawn fisheries are considered among the best in the world – we just weren't talking about it," Jarrett says.

"For the first time this campaign tells that story, as well as those of the people and places behind our wild prawns.”

One of four companies working on the project, Communicado was tasked with communicating an industry story in a way that would engage the community.

More than a Prawn is the work of creative director Fiona White who has created a poetic story narrating the values of the industry and reminding the community, "This is more than a prawn, it’s an Australian wild prawn."

“When the brief first landed, we realised how little many of us knew about the nation’s favourite crustaceans,” White says.

“More than a Prawn taps into the insight that in a world of convenience shopping it’s easy to overlook how produce arrives in our supermarkets, yet it’s becoming more important than ever to be educated about what we consume.

“Australia’s wild prawn industry has a rich history of people, provenance and sustainability, and it’s high time we shared it."

The More than a Prawn video launched on March 10 on YouTube and is being promoted through a digital media plan to actively engage the target audience.

Just one component of a comprehensive integrated program, the campaign is being amplified across multiple touch points.

This includes a custom-built website created by Romeo Digital that houses More than a Prawn and a series of films produced by Millstream Productions about the fisheries and another series about what the industry values.

Romeo Digital developed an augmented reality (AR) tool to bring the community on board with fishers and fishing which the community can access via a QR code found in retail stores across Australia throughout the year.

Collateral for independent seafood retailers and an Australian Wild Prawns Facebook page, planned and managed by Adpower, the agency behind Love Australian Prawns, directs the community to the website and the AR experience.

A public relations campaign will be rolled out by Communicado over the course of the next six months.

“Each agency has brought their respective strengths to this project and we’re delighted with the outputs,” Jarrett says.

“The wild caught prawn industry has a great story to tell and we’re now well positioned to share this with all Australians.”

Lead agency: Communicado
· Managing Director - Kerrie Ryan
· Creative Director: Fiona White
· Head of Digital – Terence Thean
· Senior Account Director – Nicki Cole
· Head of PR – Jenny Littlewood

Production Company: The Producers
· Producer - Noelle Jones

Post Production: Pancho

Media: Consumedia
· Director - Michael Harms

Agency: Millstream Productions:
· Director - Matthew Blyth
· Film Editor - Alaneo Gloor

Agency: Romeo Digital:
· Managing Director - Amanda Schultz
· Creative Director - Marco Eychenne
· Technical Director – Joel Garvey
· Developer – Justin Walduck
· Business Director - Gemma Boucher

Agency: Adpower:
· Director - Ben Hale

Client: Australian Council of Prawn Fisheries
· Principal Investigator: Rachel King
· Chair: Annie Jarrett

Project Co-funder: Fisheries Research and Development Corporation
· Managing Director: Patrick Hone
· General Manager of Research and Investment: Crispian Ashby

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