Comedians share their breaks for Kit Kat

1 July 2015

Advertiser: Nestle
Creative Agency: The Conscience Organisation (TCO)

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Comedians share how they take a break, with Kit Kat.

Kit Kat has produced a series of content videos with comedians in a 12-week blitz centred on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube with help from creative agency The Conscience Organisation.

Four comedians have been tapped to create the humorous shorts around how people take their breaks, with the first two off the rank Tim “Ross” Ross and Scott Dooley.

Dave Hughes and Em Rusciano will follow, with the campaign being staggered deliberately to allow Kit Kat to gather insights on how the first two series ran before pushing the second phase.

Each comedian is writing the script themselves to allow the content to be authentic and fit in with their online audiences.

Kit Kat has also worked with both Facebook and Google on bespoke pre-roll content.

“This is an exciting campaign for Nestlé. We’re grateful to be working with such a brave team – one that is willing to trust in the comedic brilliance of our talent pool, take the risk of working in real-time and the complexities of creating so many tailored pieces of content in such a short time frame,” CEO of The Conscience Organisation Clive Burcham said.

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