Coke's Tale of Contour

27 February 2015

Advertiser: Coca-Cola

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Fireworks, polar bears and a Chinese dragon, this is how the Coke bottle got its iconic shape.

To celebrate its bottle's 100 year anniversary, Coca-Cola has revealed the story behind how its bottle was made. It involves a journey spanning several continents and maybe some tall tales but the graphics are fun, nonetheless.

This won't be the last we see of this tale, with a year-long celebration set to take place for the iconic bottle.

The celebrations are scheduled to land on Australian shores, with a spokesperson telling AdNews: “The 100 years of Contour is a global campaign in which each country will roll out their own local campaign, in their own unique way. We will have some exciting plans to roll out in Australia but for now we can’t share the details.”

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