City of Sydney decks the streets for Christmas

7 December 2016

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The City of Sydney has decorated Sydney with Christmas festivities.

The creative, by Holt, centres on the familiar lines of a triangular, tree shaped motif. The ‘Christmas tree’ identity is designed of hundreds of smaller triangles in a myriad of jewel-like tones, creating a colourful, kaleidoscopic effect.

As though in flux from a gust of wind, small ‘leaves’ of colour are blown from the tree shape, into its surrounds. This year, these scattering leaves are featured further with the use of cut outs in some outdoor executions.

The use of bright colours within the campaign is intended to contrast with the urban landscape of inner-Sydney.

Holt creative director Christopher Holt says: “Seeing the Christmas creative be given fresh life across new executions over a number of years has been very satisfying. The fun part for us is that the campaign truly takes over the City, and in a subtly different way each year."

The campaign rolls out across outdoor, print media and digital executions, along with retail, precinct and event activations.

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